Body Beast Build Shoulders Workout

Body Beast: Build - Shoulders WorkoutToday, we’re going to go through the entire Body Beast Build Shoulders Workout, so that you can see just how hard Sagi is going to push you in this program!  We will go through the entire workout, outlining all of the moves and requirements as we go.  So let’s get to it!



As with the other workouts, Sagi starts off by explaining what it is we’re going to do.  He describes why you want to have big, round shoulders (to accent your overall shape, and contrast with a smaller waist for an overall muscular-looking physique).  He also points out that this workout will hit the shoulder from various angles, ensuring that you work the front, top, and back of your shoulder using variations of angles and various types of sets.  Sounds like fun to me!



The DVD makes sure you have all of the equipment ready for this workout.  What you’ll need:

Bench (or stability ball)

EZ Curl Bar with Weighted Plates


Worksheet and Pen

Water and Towel


Warm Up (3:30):

The warm up starts with a light jog, to get your blood flowing and warm up your joints.  You’ll only do this for about 15 seconds, before going into arm circles.  Going both directions, you’ll keep your arms straight to really warm up your shoulders.  Both directions only last about 15 seconds.  Sagi immediately transitions into a light warm up with weights, lifting them up and down with straight arms in various angles to again warm up those shoulder muscles.  He works through lifting straight in front in two different ways, as well as out to the sides.  Following this, he moves to a press, still using the light weights; immediately followed by some upright rows.  The final warm up move is a bent over back fly, with a light jog at the end to finish.


Work Out (34:45):

Seated Shoulder Press:

15 reps here.  Sagi starts with what I would consider a medium weight (25 lbs for him).  You are definitely starting to work here, but still not at your maximum weight.  Sagi reminds everyone to write down the weight you used (which is key for EVERY workout!).

Seated Shoulder Press (increased weight):

Same move; 12 reps, with heavier weight this time.  By increasing the weight, you’ll really start to feel this move!

Seated Shoulder Press (drop set):

Once again, the weight increases for the first reps (8 reps); then you will immediately put down those weights, and grab a lighter weight to knock out another 8 reps.  I’m sure at this point your shoulders will begin to thank you for tackling this workout!

*Water Break!  Sagi takes advantage of this time to clean up his weight area, to prevent injury by tripping or stepping on equipment (good idea!).  He also begins to prepare his EZ bar, adding weights so they are ready to go… he also shows you how to perform the next two moves with good form, since you’re going to move pretty quickly.

Side Lateral Raises:

15 reps.  Medium weight.  Sagi reinforces the idea to keep good posture, and control the moves; don’t use momentum to cheat!

Upright Rows:

Ideally, you’ll use your EZ bar if you have one.  If not, there is an option to use dumbbells instead.  Just like the previous move, Sagi yells out reminders to keep an eye on your posture, and to not swing the weights around.  Control is the key to getting big!

Quick break, which Sagi again uses to increase the weight on his EZ bar.

Side Lateral Raises (increased weight):

12 reps, increased weight.  The tough thing about this move is keeping your arms straight through the whole movement, without swinging or using momentum too much.  The heavier the weight, the harder it gets….!

Upright Rows (increased weight):

12 reps, and of course with more weight!  Same as above; your posture and proper form become more difficult as you go heavier.  But that’s what will set you apart, and truly help you find those gains!

Another quick break, while Sagi increases his EZ bar weight again, and says lots of bodybuilder-motivation things :)

Side Lateral Raises (increased weight):

If your shoulders thought you were done with this, sorry… 8 more reps, with heavier weight again!

Upright Rows (drop set):

8 reps with your new, heavier weight; Sagi immediately puts the bar down, strips off a decent amount of weight, and blasts out 8 more reps.  Whew; you’ll be glad to put that bar down after that!

*Water Break!  Once again, Sagi cleans up his area for safety, and prepares his weights for the next round…

Underhand Press w/ EZ Bar:

As you’ve figured out by now, Sagi is starting with a medium weight, since you’re going to increase it.  15 reps this first time, pressing the weights up over your head while you’re seated on your bench.

1, 1, 2 Front Raise:

Seated, you’ll raise one arm at a time out in front of you, then both at the same time (hence the “1, 1, 2″ in the name).  15 reps.  The trick here is not allowing your chest and back to move, so that only your shoulders are doing the work.

Rear Delt Raise:

Seated again, you will bend over, keeping your back flat (easier said than done, especially with weights in your hands).  Once in position, you’ll do a fly movement with your weight for 15 reps.

Break, just enough time to get a drink, and write down your weights and reps!

Underhand Press w/ EZ Bar (increased weight):

You know the drill… same move, more weight, 12 reps.

1, 1, 2 Front Raise (increased weight):

And again, same move, 12 reps, heavier weight.  But as can be predicted, the tough part here will again be keeping that posture and control in place as your muscles get tired.

Rear Delt Raise (increased weight):

I’m guessing that by now, you’re starting to wear down… but hang in there, and keep that back straight!  Even the guys on the video are starting to get tired, so don’t feel too bad…! :) 12 reps, more weight!

Break time… get those weights ready!

Underhand Press w/ EZ Bar (increased weight):

Wow… even Sagi is fighting here.  That’s a lot of weight!  8 reps as you blast through this last round.

1, 1, 2 Front Raise (increased weight):

8 reps, because of that heavier weight.  Sagi does point out that if it becomes too difficult, or if your form goes bad, you can drop to lower weight to finish.

Rear Delt Raise (increased weight):

Bang out your 8 reps… no drop set this round.  Whew!

*Water Break!!!  Clean up your area, write down your weights, flex and look at yourself in the mirror…

Standing Dumbbell Shrug:

Holding two dumbbells at your side, you’ll do a “shrug” motion, holding the squeeze of the movement for a few seconds before lowering the weights again.  The weights will stay on your sides.  15 reps.  Sagi also points out to drop down your chin, the keep better form.

Dumbbell Scap Trap:

Setting the bench to an incline position, Sagi gets in kind of an awkward position… half up the incline portion of the bench, grabbing the bench with his legs to stabilize.  Once here, you will do a similar motion to the dumbbell shrug; only now, it is working a slightly different muscle because of the angle.

Quick break, then on to round 2!

Standing Dumbbell Shrug (increased weight):

12 reps, bigger weight.  Nothing new!

Dumbbell Scap Trap:

12 reps, more weight.  Sagi does demonstrate some ways to improve your form here, by moving your chest slightly.

Another drink break, and get those weights ready to blast this last set….!

Standing Dumbbell Shrug (drop set):

8 reps, with killer weight.  Right away you’ll switch out the weights, to bang out 8 more with a lighter weight.  As with every move, you’ll want to keep an eye on your form as you tire out!

Dumbbell Scap Trap (increased weight):

8 reps with this last heavier weight.  Boom!

*Water Break!  Clean up your area, and get ready to finish up… almost there..

Sagi Six-Way:

Sagi grabs very light weights (and since he’s grabbing really light weights, I’m thinking you’d better do the same!).  12 reps of this crazy move… using straight arms, you’ll raise your arms to the sides, move to the middle, lift up, come back down, back to the sides, and down.  And that’s ONE REP.  Get ready to hurt, and get those shoulders finished off!!!  At one point, one of the guys on the video even puts down his weights and finishes with no weights in his hands… and it still hurts him!!!!

Tuck and Roll:

Laying on the bench, Sagi demonstrates the form for this move.  You’ll stay on your back, and roll your legs up so that your knees are coming very close to your face, then back down.  15 reps.

Sagi Six-Way:

I bet you thought you were done (I did the first time!!).  But nope!  Sagi stays with the same weight, but he points out that you might want to get even lighter weights.  Only 8 reps… good luck!!!!

Tuck and Roll:

15 reps again on this one; great way to finish up!!

Cool Down (00:45):

A very quick cool down stretch… Sagi will have you do some reaches overhead, stretching to the side to pull out those shoulders.  He then laces his fingers, to finish up with a few other simple stretches.  And YOU. ARE. DONE!!!!!!  Don’t forget to drink your recovery drink!


So there you go!  I hope this review of Body Beast Build Shoulders Workout was helpful, and gave you an idea of what to expect with this deltoid blaster!  If you’re interested in ordering Body Beast so that you can pack on 10 pounds of muscle in 90 days, or would like more information, Contact Me, or check out this site:  Order Body Beast!

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