Body Beast Build Legs Workout

Body Beast: Build - Legs Workout

Sagi Kalev, creator of the Body Beast workout!

In this post, we are going to review the entire Body Beast Build Legs Workout!  Because your legs contain some of the largest muscles in your body, you absolutely cannot neglect them when working out.  And the Body Beast Build Legs Workout definitely delivers!  So let’s get started!


As usual, Sagi starts off by explaining why training your legs is so important.  He actually shares that this is his favorite body part to train; I personally found that interesting!  I doubt there are too many people who would say that… Anyway, he talks through the different areas of your legs that are about to get blasted.  So get ready!


According to the DVD, you’ll need the following equipment for this workout:

Bench (or stability ball)

EZ Curl bar with weighted plates


Worksheet and Pen

Water and Towel

Warm Up (1:20):

Because this is a leg workout, the warm up focuses on… well… your legs!  Sagi starts by taking you through some high knees to get your legs warmed up.  He then moves right away into some hip flexor swivels.  Next are some reverse lunges, followed by sumo squats.  All of this gets your glutes, hamstrings, and quads ready to go.  Finally, he ends with high knees, just like you started.  And that’s it; its WORKOUT TIME!

Workout (37:00):

Sumo Squat:

Sagi first grabs a weight (you should too!).  Holding the weight right under your chin, you will squat down to really hit your quads and glutes.  15 reps of this move!

Sumo Squat (increased weight):

Sagi will have you repeat this move again right away, but this time with a heavier weight.  12 reps, due to the bigger load.  Be careful not to tweak your back as you increase the weight!  Keep your back straight, and make sure your glutes and quads are doing the work, not your back.

Sumo Squat (drop set):

Increasing your weight again, its time to finish off this move.  8 reps with your new heavy weight; really watch your form to avoid injury!  As soon as you finish those 8 reps, you’ll switch to a lighter weight, and bang out 8 more reps.  What a way to start the workout!

Quick break, then on to the next move!

Alternating Lunge:

You’ll need a weight in each hand for this one.  Keeping the weights down by your sides, you’ll step forward into a lunge, alternating legs each time.  As soon as you do 15 reps with each leg, you will then immediately switch to the second part of this move, which is…

Step-Up to Reverse Lunge:

Keeping the same weights as the move above, with no break, you will step up onto your bench.  You will then immediately come back down to the floor, and step back into a lunge (tip: the leg you use to step up onto the bench will be the leg that steps back).  You’ll do 15 reps on one side; then do 15 reps on the other (you do not alternate with this move).

*Water Break!  Then its time to repeat!

Alternating Lunge (increased weight):

Same move as before, but with heavier weights now.  Be very conscious of your form as you perform this move with heavier weight: it can be very easy to lose your balance, and pull or strain a muscle! 12 reps this time.

Step-Up to Reverse Lunge (increased weight):

12 reps, using the same form as before.  The only difference is that you will get a quick break in-between sides this time (which you’ll be thankful for).

*Water Break!  Then we gotta finish these moves off!!!

Alternating Lunge (increased weight):

As is typical, 8 reps this time, since your weight is once again increasing.  Watch that form!

Step-Up to Reverse Lunge (increased weight):

8 reps, all on one side, then the other, just like before.  Sagi states at this point that if you’re getting too tired, you can do this round with no weights… but what kind of a BEAST does that!?!?! :)

*Water Break! 

Parallel Squat:

Feet shoulder width apart, with weights in each hand, you will squat down, keeping the weights by your sides.  You’ll want to keep that back straight as usual, to protect yourself from injury.  15 reps.

Bulgarian Squat:

Weights stay by your sides, as in the parallel squat; however, now your right foot will be placed on your bench so that your left leg is doing most of the work.  15 reps, then switch legs.

Straight Leg Deadlift:

Sagi calls this “The Sagi Move”; must be one he’s proud of :)  Anyway, this one uses your EZ bar.  However, for this set, Sagi doesn’t use any weight on the bar.  Standing in a semi-lunge, the bar will be between your legs.  Bending at the waist, you’ll lower the bar near the floor, then back up, squeezing your quads as you work.  15 reps, then switch legs.

*Water Break! Don’t forget to write down your weights and reps on your worksheet!

Parallel Squat (increased weight):

After grabbing larger weights, you’ll pound out 12 reps of this move again.

Bulgarian Squat (increased weight):

Again, weights will increase; 12 reps.  Sagi points out several times to make sure you’re keeping your chest up; the tendency will be to lean forward or backwards, so you’ll want to fight the urge!

Straight Leg Deadlift (increased weight):

This time, the pros add weight to their EZ bar.  Sagi points out that you won’t need much weight (and considering he only adds about 20 pounds to his own bar, I believe him!).  12 reps, switching legs after 12.

*Water Break!

Parallel Squat (increased weight):

8 reps, because by now you’re really going to be lifting some serious weight.  Sagi is rocking 50 pounds in each hand!  Once again, Sagi is pointing out that you need to keep that chest up!

Bulgarian Squat (increased weight):

One last time with this move, 8 reps with each leg.  Chin up, chest up!

Straight Leg Deadlift (increased weight):

Last move of this round!  8 reps, both sides, with bigger weight!

*Water Break!  And write down your numbers!

Single Leg Calf Raise:

Using the bench in an upright position for balance, and holding a weight in one hand, Sagi demonstrates how to do calf raises with one leg.  No set number of reps; you’ll want to go for your maximum in 30 seconds!  As soon as you finish, you’ll switch sides, and work the other leg!

Seated Calf Raise:

Having a seat on the bench, you will rest the weights right on top of your knees.  Then, flexing your calves, you’ll lift the weights as high as you can, as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

In & Outs:

Ab time!  Sitting on the bench (after putting the bench into a flat position), you’ll hold on to the sides, and bring your knees to your chest in a slow and controlled manner.  Again, no set number of reps; maximum in 30 seconds.

Single Leg Calf Raise:

Once again, max reps in 30 seconds; you can increase the weight if you’re feeling strong (though the guys on the video do not).  Both legs!

Seated Calf Raise:

Same as before; 30 seconds to do your max.  Again, you can increase your weight if you’re feeling able to blast through it!

In & Outs:

One last round of these for 30 seconds.  As tired as you will be, you’ll want to push hard, because after this, you are….

DONE!  Time to stretch!

Cool Down (2:00):

To stretch out those legs, Sagi will have you stretch your hamstrings by grabbing your toes, first on one side, then the other.  Next, you’ll hold the bench, and pull your lower leg up towards your glute to stretch your quads; then the other side.  Finally, you’ll go into a deep lunge, with your knee on the ground, and leaning back slightly to really feel the stretch.  And don’t forget to breathe!

And with that, you’re done!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my review of the Body Beast Build Legs Workout!  If you have any questions, or are interested in ordering the Body Beast Workout, feel free to Contact Me, or go visit this site to order:  ORDER BODY BEAST NOW!

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